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Invoice Factoring Services

1. an itemized bill for goods sold or services provided, containing individual prices, the total charge, and the terms.
2. the merchandise or shipment itself.

–noun Commerce. the business of purchasing and collecting accounts receivable or of advancing cash on the basis of accounts receivable.

Source: accounts receivable. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/accounts receivable.

What is “invoice factoring”?
Purchasing the face value of your company accounts receivables is known as invoice factoring. Our invoice factoring company (for a small discount in exchange), will provide immediate cash advances, usually in the form of a wire transfer.

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Why is “invoice factoring” important?
Using invoice factoring you get the most immediate access to capital – often within 24hrs. Invoice factoring is easy to set up and easy to terminate. Once your customer pays us, that transaction is complete. Invoice factoring should be used for assistance with operational capital, allowing you to go after bigger sales.

Now is the time to make your move.
We are advanced technically, and can be reached by any manner that is comfortable with your daily business routine. Whether phone, fax, email, or courier, get in touch and begin to ask us the hard questions so when you think of an invoice factoring company, you think of us.

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