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Invoice Factoring Benefits

The businesses that operate with financing from Creative Capital Associates all have the same results in common. They are able to build strong healthy foundations for increased growth without losing control of the company.

Flexibility, reliability, and dedication are the main ingredients to pursue when considering a source for your financing. Look no further than the steady growth and dependable service we provide all our clients

  • Absolute quickest easiest access to financing
  • Simple process to setup
  • Uncomplicated procedure to discontinue
  • Unrestricted use of funds
  • No loss of equity
  • Funding does not appear as liability on balance sheet
  • Under normal conditions, unlimited funding ceiling
  • Attract larger customers, contracts
  • No stress from cash crunch
  • Pay bills on time, improve company credit history
  • Use the news that a finance company is willing to back your success
  • Establish a positive track record with a lender
  • Access to Free credit evaluation of your new customers
  • Greater annual profits from taking on previous skipped opportunities
  • Increased sales by purchasing additional inventory
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Offer better credit terms to your customers
  • Funding for companies without credit and operating histories
  • More free time, with less headaches

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