About Creative Capital Associates

Originally the firm was founded in Walpole, NH during the late 1980's by W. P. Stone, a successful turnaround management CEO. His intention was to have a consulting firm for evaluating and analyzing venture investment projects. After a while he created an invoice factoring company to help early stage companies with their working capital needs. Back then, pre dot com, we determined that new technology would be our primary focus, and now, over the intervening years, we have developed a strong bond with the technology community although we regularly fund all manner of companies from a variety of industries.

By the spring of 1997 the firm’s operations were moved to the Greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Mr. Gary Honig took over the reins of the company and a new capital partnership was established in order to provide the firm greater availability of funds for its growing portfolio of clients. Currently we have over $10 million in available funding reserves with which we purchased $100 million of commercial invoicing this past year. Now with offices in Colorado and New Jersey, the firm continues to provide funding nationwide.

As the client base grew, we began to assist with a wider variety of commercial finance transactions, but its core capacity remains as a receivables factoring company. Beyond the actual funding, the firm promotes synergy among portfolio clients to further grow their businesses. We make every effort to work with our clients to enhance their capabilities and maximize their contracting opportunities. A typical example of our portfolio clients are ones working on large projects or contracts that need continuing cash flow for added payroll, extra supplies etc. So together with our financial backing, our clients can operate smoothly while at the same time continue to seek out more established and creditworthy customers.

CCA is an active member of the International Factoring Association (IFA) which includes a commitment to high ethical standards. Over the years we have developed a wealth of experience having been involved in many complex transactions that required both speed and flexibility. Celebrating over two decades operating in the factoring industry, we are eager to work with you and partner in your success.

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